Attic Insulation in Cleveland

//Attic Insulation in Cleveland

Attic Insulation in Cleveland

With the winter rearing its ugly head, everybody tries to prepare for the snow and cold as much as they can. They get snow tires for their cars, go out and buy snow shovels and brushes, and they turn up the heat in their homes. They are conscious about replacing and repairing windows for energy efficiency, but there are other things that must be done to make a home energy efficient and to protect the home from any damage the rising heat may bring.

With heat comes moisture, and as we all learned in our science classes, heat rises. The highest points in many homes is the attic–the place in the home that many times is completely forgotten about until it is time to pull down the ladder and go up there for holiday decorations and old clothes. Because it is the highest point in the house, the heat from the house in the winter rises up into the attic, causing moisture to accumulate, which can cause mold and erosion in the attic, the ceiling of the home, and the roof. In order to prevent this, ventilation must be added to the attic to let that heat leave the attic and not accumulate.

Insulation is important for energy efficiency both in the summer and winter. Insulation keeps the outside air outside and the inside air (cool air from the air conditioning or warm air from the heater) inside. This is important so that the A/C or heat does not keep escaping the house and have to keep turning on, saving you money and also keeping you from freezing in the winter and sweating all summer. It works the same way as having the window or door open a little bit, as air can escape or come in. The attic is the best place to start insulating because it is the most effective both financially and to keep the heat or cool air in the home.

The insulation is best done by a CERTAINTEED-certified contractor because it is important it is done properly. The most important thing about insulating the attic is that the ventilation is not covered so that it continues to work properly. Raft vents are normally installed, around which the insulation can be placed, allowing for the excess heat to leave when it reaches the attic but keeping in the heat that should be there.

Attic insulation should be one of the first things done when preparing for winter, but even when the snowflakes are falling and the temperatures have dropped, it is not too late to get the insulation (and ventilation, if needed) put in, replaced, or repaired to save you money this winter and keep your family warm and your roof moisture-free.
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