Why You Should Visit Our Booth at the Home and Garden Show

The Home and Garden Show at the I-X Center in Cleveland is a big opportunity for a homeowner (or future homeowner) to check out the major companies that specialize in bettering your home.  The show goes from February 6-15, 2015, and this year, roofing contractors alone will take up over 40 booths, giving homeowners the chance to [...]

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Hazards of Taking Down Your Own Christmas Lights

Not many people particularly enjoy the grueling task of taking down all of the Christmas decorations that they put up at the beginning of the holiday season.  Aside from just having to bundle up and go out into the cold weather and snow (or ice, sleet or rain—it could be anything if you’re from Cleveland), [...]

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Why Decision Makers Should Be Present at the Time of Your Appointments

When it’s time for work to be done on your house, whether it’s your roof, gutters, attic, or really anything else, there tend to be numerous appointments required in order for the work to be done.  The initial consultation is obviously done first, and sometimes other appointments are required before the work is done.  For [...]

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TruProtect Radiant Barrier Systems

Radiant Barrier Systems Roofs sit under the sun all day long, absorbing the sun’s heat, taking damage from bugs and other pests, and bringing in radio waves.  The absorption of the sun causes the heat to transfer into the attic, increasing cooling costs of homes and businesses bringing in unwanted heat.  Bugs and pests can [...]

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Roof Christmas Light Safety

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the holiday festivities and the magic of everything that comes along with the holiday season. Visits to see Santa, putting up the Christmas tree, braving the crowds on Black Friday, and of course, hanging Christmas lights on the roof. This can become dangerous very quickly if not done [...]

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Attic Insulation in Cleveland

With the winter rearing its ugly head, everybody tries to prepare for the snow and cold as much as they can. They get snow tires for their cars, go out and buy snow shovels and brushes, and they turn up the heat in their homes. They are conscious about replacing and repairing windows for energy [...]

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Contractor Expectations of Customers

When you start a home improvement project you may have some expectations of how your contractor should interact with you throughout the process. Contractors also have expectations of potential customers. Here are some great tips for working with contractors as you begin to get quotes on your home improvement project: Do Your Research. Before you [...]

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What makes an Above Average Roofing Company?

Thinking about getting a new roof? Have you ever tried to Google “Cleveland Ohio Area Roofers?” You get 824,000 results. Where do you start? How do you decide which roofer to select? An above average roofing company is who you should seek out. We recommend selecting two to three roofing contractors, interviewing them, visiting their [...]

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