Blown Roofs in North East Ohio Emergency Service Hire Local

//Blown Roofs in North East Ohio Emergency Service Hire Local

Blown Roofs in North East Ohio Emergency Service Hire Local

Blown Roofs in North East Ohio. Do I Need Emergency Service? Hire Local Roofers.

Recently, Hurrican Storm Sandy has impacted so many individuals, we are pleased to take the worry out of your hands. Having your roof blow off in North East Ohio is terrible news and can cause leaks to the inside of your home causing damage and reaking havock to your home. We believe we go above and beyond for our customers and are here for your roofing and siding needs.

Here is some important information for you in choosing the right roofing company for you, your family, or friends.

How do you know if the roofing company you’ve hired is honest and trustworthy? Why should I go local?

There are many ways you can research a roofing company. It can be as simple as word of mouth from a previous customer. If you have internet access, you can always look the company up online. You can read reviews from other customers and how well they have completed the job. Check Facebook, Angies List, BBB, amongst a few places.

Why local?

Hiring local roofers such as Triple Peaks Roofing and Construction can be better than hiring a company from out of town. Here are some facts you should know why choosing Triple Peaks Roofing & Construction, inc. as the right local roofer.

  • We understand the local building codes and local weather patterns
  • We come in a timely manner and are reliable
  • We have safety programs in place
  • We hire and train exceptionally qualified laborers
  • We only use premium quality materials
  • We have a brick and mortar local shop right in Avon, Ohio 1 minute from Route 90
  • Employees of Triple Peaks Roofing & Construction, inc will spend their money in our local market
  • We do give back to communities with fundraisers and Volunteer work
  • We have employees
  • We are part of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry(NARI) of greater cleveland
  • We can prove workers compensation on all employees

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Having knowledgeable roofers will give you peace of mind. When adequate professionals are working on your roof, you will know it’s done right with care.

Always double check that the roofing company is certified and using their own employees. They should also have insurance, workers compensation, proper permits, warranties, references and credentials. If a company is using Sub-Contractors make sure they are able to prove workers compensation on those employees and they are not just 1099 Contractors. This will insure that you won’t get sued if someone gets hurt on your property.

If your roof is leaking and you think you need an emergency tarp service for your roof we are more than happy to have it done in a timely manner.

What is Emergency Tarping?

Emergency tarping is when your roof is leaking or blown off, but your expert contractor is not available for permanent repairs or materials aren’t available during a storm related event. The tarp is only a temporary fix until your professional roofer is able to repair your roof. This action is only necessary if the circumstance is urgent due to leaking or blow offs.

Why call Triple Peaks Roofing?

  • No Tarp Shortages
  • Emergency Services provided in a timely manner

Take a look around the area. Most stores will deplete their stock of tarps the same day a major storm hits the area. We take our jobs of protecting our customers by having enough tarps on hand to protect a couple hundred roofs.

Risk of Injury and Proper Installation
The number of homeowners injuries and fatalities to homeowners attempting to tarp or repair their own roof is increasing every year. Most homeowners do not have the equipment, knowledge or safety training to complete these tasks. Homeowners can find themselves in trouble quickly by attempting to install their own tarps. Triple Peaks Roofing has the equipment, knowledge, experience and professional employees to safely and competently install a tarp that will last 60 – 90 days or longer. This gives us plenty of time to get your new roof or repair completed.

Cost and Insurance Reimbursement
Triple Peaks Roofing and Construction, Inc. pricing is based on current market conditions. Our goal is to serve our customers using our formula for success. Pride, Professionalism, and Performance. Integrity from the top down insures you are treated fairly and honestly in catastrophe situations.

We base our pricing on current FEMA rates and insurance price list for emergency roof covering. We have a $250 minimum charge for a 10 x 12 tarp. This includes the first hour of two employees plus the tarp. For longer jobs we bill out for the tarps and additional labor. Labor rates are $55 per hour, per man. Most jobs run under $600 from start to finish.

Once payment is collected we will issue you a paid invoice to give to your insurance adjustor, and once he/she has this. Your insurance company will pay you 100{b8a7eb75cd62c2c4ab664ffbf981e225b24f5910ac196c80569e23ef03d55ab2} reimbursement for the tarping service.

Tarping Warranty
Your temporary roof tarp is covered by a 30 day warranty. This warranty guarantees the workmanship from the tarp coming off under normal weather conditions.

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