Natural Light Skylights

You know that openness, brightness, and general good feeling that fills a room with many windows and plenty of natural light?  Natural light not only opens up a room, making it look larger, but it has many other benefits as well. Benefits of Natural Light Of course we all like working, reading, or really just…being… [...]

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May is National Home Improvement Month

`Salute to the Month of May – Two Main Events to Celebrate in the Month of May. It is Home Improvement Month and Memorial Day.         National Home Improvement Month of May May is Home Improvement Month – We would like to briefly discuss the importance of finding balance for your roof [...]

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Why We Follow Industry Standards

In an industry where doing things the right way the first time is so important and safety is such a major issue, following standards is one of the most crucial part of the business.  The standards that are out there are there because they include practices that have been tested by professionals with products that [...]

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Dump Trailers

Dump trailers are extremely useful and convenient for any home improvement project.  This time of year brings home improvement projects, including construction on the inside and outside of the home; cleaning out the garage, attic, and basement; and building new garages and add-ons to homes.  These projects become much neater and simpler with storage for all [...]

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Repair or Replace Your Existing Roof?

With spring in the air, big home projects are on everyone’s minds, especially when something is broken and needs to be fixed or replaced.  Leaky faucets and chipped paint are simple fixes, and it is usually an easy decision whether to get a brand new faucet or to just fix the current one (plus the [...]

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The Benefits of Skylights and Sun Tunnels

After buying a new house, or even after living in a house for a long period of time, some people decide that they just don’t have enough light in one room or hallway in their home.  Of course, natural light is better, more cost-efficient, and can provide much more light than some artificial lighting. Before [...]

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Why Ice Dams Keep Forming This Winter

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining off the roof.  The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas. This February has broken records in multiple [...]

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Why You Should Choose Triple Peaks Roofing

Triple Peaks Roofing is one of many roofing and construction companies in Ohio, many of which claim to be the best.  Many roofing contractors will tell their potential customers that nobody else has products like them or that their prices are the very best.  So why choose Triple Peaks Roofing instead of any of those [...]

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