Contractor Expectations of Customers

//Contractor Expectations of Customers

Contractor Expectations of Customers

When you start a home improvement project you may have some expectations of how your contractor should interact with you throughout the process. Contractors also have expectations of potential customers. Here are some great tips for working with contractors as you begin to get quotes on your home improvement project:

Do Your Research. Before you begin contacting contractors, make sure that you have done your research. It helps to set the goals that you have for your project, including a budget. Think about what you want and how much you are willing to spend. Be clear about that with the contractors that you request quotes from. The more detailed you are, the more accurate your quotes will be and the easier they will be to compare.Checklist of Contractor Expectations
Plan ahead. Have an idea of how long you will solicit quotes, when you will make your decision, and when you want your project to be completed. Make sure that you give the contractors that information before they quote your project. It will save you and them time if they cannot meet your schedule.
Be Considerate. Understand that when you contact a contractor for a free estimate, it is free for you and not for the contractor. Estimates cost contractor’s time and money. Be on time and present for your full appointment, which can last from 1 – 2 hours. Give the contractor your full attention – they are investing time and energy into your specific needs to provide you with the best quote possible.
Be Diligent. Read your quotes and contracts carefully. Understand what is included in the quote and ask for clarification where necessary. Make sure that you understand the payment schedule and can meet the payment deadlines. If you are concerned about the payment plans, ask the contractor if they are willing to negotiate other arrangements. Remember, that they are a business and have to pay their bills, so adjustments may not be possible.
Communicate Promptly. Once you have received all of your quotes, make a decision in a timely manner and notify all contractors of your decision. Thank them for providing you with a quote and provide them with feedback if they were not chosen. Remember, the contractor invested time and energy into your project and deserves to know you decision as soon as possible. Following up will also reduce the number of phone calls and mailers you get from contractors who bid your job and are trying to determine their status with you.
Stay Realistic. After selecting the contractor you will work with, know who will be signing the contract, be realistic about deadlines and scheduling, keep changes to a minimum, and respond quickly if a contractor has a question. This will keep your relationship with your contractor respectful and professional and reduce delays.
Help Out. Prior to the contractor beginning your home improvement project, make sure that the area is prepared to make it easier for them to work. Make arrangements for pets and children so that they do not inadvertently get in the way or create an unsafe environment. Trust your contractor to do their job; do check on progress, but do not hover.
If you follow these simple rules of etiquette, you will be on your way to developing a positive working relationship with your contractor -resulting in a home improvement project that is delivered on time and to your expectations.

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