Does it Make Sense to Book a Company for a New Roof in the Winter?

//Does it Make Sense to Book a Company for a New Roof in the Winter?

Does it Make Sense to Book a Company for a New Roof in the Winter?

The short answer is yes, it makes an immense amount of sense to book a company to do a new roof job now, even if that job won’t be done until spring/summer or even late in the year.

Here’s the longer answer.  By the time spring and summer roll around, contractors tend to already have many jobs scheduled for roof work—roof repair, new roofs, or new gutters all tend to get done in the spring, summer, and fall.  With all the moisture that the spring rain brings, people start to notice that their roofs just aren’t what they used to be, and then they begin their calls to contractors.  However, if you contact the contractor in the winter or speak with us at the Home and Garden Show, you will have a leg up on your neighbors and get on a shorter waiting list.  Everybody jumps on the bandwagon for a new roof once the spring months roll around, and contractors start to up their prices.  The demand for these services are high this time of year, and it seems everybody notices their neighbors getting the work done and wants a brand new roof done the next month.

The trick to getting a good price for a new roof is to make an appointment with an estimator early.  If in the winter months you notice that your roof needs to be replaced, don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment.  With jobs like this, it is never too soon to get your house on the books for repairs and replacements, and if you get in before everybody else starts jumping on the bandwagon when the weather starts warming up, the prices are a little bit sweeter.  If an estimator can come in the winter, which is when the work for roofing contractors slows down because of the weather, not only will you have your choice of a date for the job, but you will also be able to get locked in on prices before the demand starts rising again.

Booking early also helps you avoid waiting until the last minute and having an emergency happen with your roof.  If you notice now in January or February that your roof needs to be replaced but wait until June to make an appointment with an estimator, by the time the work is able to be done, you may find yourself with a very large emergency leak that needs repaired immediately, especially after the added weight of snow and ice throughout the winter.  If this happens, the damage has already been done, and the job can become much more expensive.

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Calling a certified  company during the winter will also allow them to properly access your attic area.  Many times, an attic that is not properly vented is shown with frost lines or even icicles forming in your attic area.  This will eventually thaw, and water droplets will begin to destroy your attic insulation.  Take advantage of the roofing contractors’ slow season and call an estimator to come out and get your new roof job on the books as soon as you decide you want it done.  Be a savvy consumer and beat the rush of people needing new roofs that comes with the warmer weather.

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