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Radiant Barrier

Save Energy With TruProtect Radiant Barrier

Let Triple Peaks Roofing install TruProtect radiant barrier on your home. It is the perfect solution for energy savings, especially in home with vaulted ceilings.  Jeff & Angela have personally experienced the benefits of this product.  They have saved 30% on their heating and cooling costs. Keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer with

TruProtect Provides:

  • Radiant barrier
  • Fire resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Noise barrier

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What is a Radiant Barrier?

TruProtect is a barrier to radiant, convective, and conductive heat transfer. The TruProtect components help to keep the heat out in the summer months and the warm air in during the cold months of winter. TruProtect Barrier has the added advantage of being light weight, low in cost, and recyclable.

So how do radiant barriers work?

Radiant barriers work by using aluminum foil and other reflective materials to reflect the radiant heat rather than absorb it into the roof and attic. With the radiant barrier installed, cooling becomes more effective because energy is no longer being radiated into the cool attic surfaces or warming them up. This heat can radiate into the rest of the home because when the attic is difficult to cool, the rest of the home is difficult to cool as well. Depending on the radiant barrier, the reflective materials will be attached to cardboard, kraft board, air infiltration barrier material, and other substrate materials. There are also more insulation materials added to increase efficiency. These barriers are durable, and TruProtect barriers go steps further than just insulating by providing the protection against fires and bugs and the additional security against noise and radio waves. This means that a home and business can be at its peak efficiency, durability, and security.

How can you get a TruProtect radiant barrier system?

If the benefits of TruProtect sounds good to you (how could lower cooling costs not sound great?), then call Triple Peaks Roofing and Construction for more information or to set up your consultation appointment today!

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Radiant Barrier

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