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James Hardie siding is designed to be durable and long lasting. For most houses, this is the only exterior covering that the home will ever need. Although the siding is durable and resists fading from the sun, it can become stained as a result of bird droppings, water and chemical reactions with mortar, gutters and salts. When a homeowner notices stains on the siding, they can contact experienced installation and repair technicians to get the stains off and prevent them from recurring.

Stains on James Hardie siding caused by bird and other animal feces must be removed as quickly as possible. This is because the acids in the waste products can cause the siding’s binding agents to begin deteriorating. If there are any bird nests around the house, these should be removed in accordance with local regulations. In some cases, it may be necessary to wait until hatchlings have vacated the nest. Technicians will try to use the least toxic cleaning agent available. In most situations, a biodegradable detergent will remove the bird droppings without causing harm. These detergents are ideal because they will not harm the landscaping or lawn that surrounds the building.

The workers will rinse off the detergent with a garden hose or a pressure washer.

The siding may also become stained due to splashes of deicing agents and road salt. These products leave a whitish and crusty stain on the siding. The repair team can remove these stains with a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. These products are applied only to the affected areas because they could cause damage to bushes, flowers and grass around the structure. The technicians may use a wire brush to scrub off the scaly buildup.

Black algae and mildew stains on James Hardie siding are usually removed with a bleach solution. Using bleach on the house requires care because splashes can damage mortar and metal. Bleach will also kill plants near the house. The bleach will stop the algae or moss from reestablishing colonies on the side of the house. For very stubborn stains, the workers may use muriatic acid. This is an industrial type of cleaning agent that requires the use of protective gear.

Homeowners might consider having some preventive actions taken to keep their James Hardie siding from getting stained. A siloxane sealant can be applied every couple of years by experienced maintenance technicians. Silane sealants, masonry primers and top coats can also be used to stop penetrating stains from settling into the siding.

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