Our Safety Guarantee!
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Safety Guarantee

Triple Peaks Roofing is committed to providing a safe working environment for our clients and team members.  As part of our commitment below is the Safety Guarantee!

Safety GuaranteeLadders: Tied off once they are staged along roof edge.
Credit: $100.00

Ladders: Three rungs (3 ft.) above gutter or roof edge once staged.
Credit: $75.00

Safety Gear: Above 6 ft. from ground or lower level roof all workers will be in OSHA approved safety harnesses with approved fall protection system in place or approved fall protection rail system.
Credit: $100.00

Hard Hats: Those working below a crew member must be in hard hats. We guarantee that all members will have individual hard hats while working below fellow crew members.
Credit: $25.00

Safety Glasses: During all carpentry wood work, safety glasses will be worn.
Credit: $25.00

Nails: Driveway and Walkways will be clear of nails at the end of every night. Credits not in effect until the dump trailer has been removed from the job site.
Credit: $75.00

Music: During the course of the project we will maintain a low decibel level to hear all instructions plus afford common courtesy to our homeowners and their neighbors.
Credit: $15.00

For Your Protection: Please announce yourself to all crew members in the area when entering or exiting through all entrance ways to your home and/or building during all stages of your project.


Maximum amount $500.00 per project. You will be credited on your nal bill for any safety guarantee failures on our part. Must include picture or video proof of incident. Must be sent to the company and/or project manager immediately so we may make adjustments for our safety. Acceptable submission: hard copies, digital sent by mail, e-mail or text. Submission must be turned in within 24 hours of job