Why Decision Makers Should Be Present at the Time of Your Appointments

//Why Decision Makers Should Be Present at the Time of Your Appointments

Why Decision Makers Should Be Present at the Time of Your Appointments

When it’s time for work to be done on your house, whether it’s your roof, gutters, attic, or really anything else, there tend to be numerous appointments required in order for the work to be done.  The initial consultation is obviously done first, and sometimes other appointments are required before the work is done.  For all of these appointments, it is important for the decision maker to be present in order for them to run smoothly.

It is especially important—crucial, even—for the decision maker to be at the consultation appointment.  This is because information tends to get lost in translation from one person to another, and then people tend to just make their decision off of price rather than all of the information presented.  Price should not be the decision maker’s only deciding factor because products may be different at each company, and the quality of the products makes all the difference in the quality of the repairs. The first appointment is the most important, and the decision maker should also be present at any meetings during which colors will be chosen.  Since a vehicle can only carry so much, for things like siding the decision makers must go to the place of business so that the contractors can show you on a computer system and with models what a color will look like on your siding.  When it comes to roof colors, it is less likely that this will be necessary, as you will have a few options from which to choose, but for other repairs, this is also a necessary appointment at which to have the decision maker.

If the decision maker isn’t present at the time of the appointment, it delays the process of the work actually getting done.  Because workers go to a job site at the initial consultation not knowing fully what to expect or what problems there might be, things come up that require decisions to be made.  When nobody is home who can make those decisions—even if you make sure someone is there to open the door for the contractors—the work must wait until information can be relayed and the contractors can be given the go-ahead.  This delays your repairs or replacements, and if there’s bad weather than needs to be worked around, this puts things off even longer.

Another important aspect of being home when work is being done on your home is that this allows you as the decision maker to verify that the contractors you have hired to do the work have the proper permits and insurance.  This way, if something should go wrong, the liability doesn’t fall on you since they’re on your property.  This also gives you the peace of mind that qualified workers are doing the work so you can feel safe with your decision about where your money is going.

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