Why We Follow Industry Standards

//Why We Follow Industry Standards

Why We Follow Industry Standards

In an industry where doing things the right way the first time is so important and safety is such a major issue, following standards is one of the most crucial part of the business.  The standards that are out there are there because they include practices that have been tested by professionals with products that can be trusted.

Because Triple Peaks Roofing follows industry standards, customers know that they are getting tried and true methods of roofing that not only promote the safety of the workers but also promises a quality service and product so that customers know they are putting their money to good use.  These standards ensure that roofs are being repaired, replaced, or built properly so that it lasts and does not have to be redone in a short time.

Standards are incredibly important when building and repairs are being done because of all the building codes that must be followed for both commercial and residential buildings.  Requirements for things like ventilation are included in these codes so that individuals can stay safe and healthy.

Industry standards are set into place in order to keep residents safe from things like fires and to avoid wasting energy.  Tests and studies are run to discover the best and most efficient ways to accomplish this safety and energy efficiency, and standards are formed from them.  It may seem like a given that roofing companies would follow industry standards in order to give their customers the very best possible product, but standards are something that must be studied on a regular basis, as they change often.

For example, the design of roofs has changed over the years.  The older standards required a different design, but a roofer must be able to look at a structure and determine what design will best fit the needs of the roof.  Older roofs may have drainage issues because at the time, technology, materials, and structuring was not as well-understood as it is today.  With so many resources at our fingertips as roofers, it is becoming more and more crucial to find perfection in the basic design of a roof, on which so much is dependent.  When a roof has drainage issues, it could be because it is not up-to-date with industry standards, which have changed to accomplish better drainage and fewer leaks.  The National Roofing Contractors Associationrecommends a ¼” slope for each linear foot of roof, the installation of interior drains to help prevent ice dams from occurring, and the installation of two drains in every section of the roof in case one gets clogged.  There are many other roofing standards to follow; these are just a few examples of what is consistently being studied and improved upon in order to give customers the very best for their money, ensuring a quality roof that will last years.

Industry standards have improved so much over the years that the life of a roof has increased dramatically.  Depending on the type of shingle used, roofs will now last upwards of 15 years before new shingles must be placed, and they will last even longer if done correctly.

At Triple Peaks Roofing, we pride ourselves on the education of our contractors and employees.  Because of this education, our contractors are constantly up to date on industry standards, following the requirements to a T to ensure the safety, health, and efficiency of a person’s home or office.  It is important to us that our product and services are at the very best, following the testing and studies done by the experts whose jobs are to keep constantly reviewing the current standards and finding out if they can be improved.  With Triple Peaks Roofing, customers can always rest assured that they are getting the most up-to-date information and that the contractors have the most current education about what works.  This includes the increasing knowledge on energy efficiency and ways to improve upon it.

For more information on what standards we follow as a roofing company or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.

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