Why You Should Have a Professional Insulate Your Attic and Why You Should Do It Now

//Why You Should Have a Professional Insulate Your Attic and Why You Should Do It Now

Why You Should Have a Professional Insulate Your Attic and Why You Should Do It Now

So after doing endless research, you’ve finally decided to insulate your attic to save energy in your home, keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, help keep critters out of your home, and to save money on heating and cooling.  You drive over to your nearest big-box store (Home Depot), and you start talking to the sales associate about the process of attic insulation and what supplies you will need.  It’s a bigger job than you thought, and if it’s done improperly, it could become a very large waste of money.  Not to mention you could hurt your attic ventilation in the process.

The Problems That May Arise From DIY Attic Insulation

One of the most major and common problems of DIY projects of any kind is not fully understanding the complicated supplies or labor that are necessary for the job.  This is especially true when it comes to attic insulation, not only because the attic is not an area of the home that is not quite as well-known as other parts of the house.  On top of this, the materials for the job can be complicated, and if they aren’t installed correctly, following the proper guidelines that a certified contractor would know, the job could be botched and become a complete waste of money when it needs to be redone.

Not understanding the supplies or the process, not having the correct supplies, or not knowing the exact measurements and procedures can all cause there to be issues with the insulation, which can lead to problems of the attic and the roof.  Of course, if measurements are off with the insulation placement, both heat and cool air can escape, causing all of that money you just spent on supplies to try to save yourself money to become completely useless.

What Will a Professional Do Differently?

Even if you think you know exactly what you’re doing, and you have the YouTube video up on the computer and all the parts the sales associates told you to buy, you don’t know quite as well as the professionals who do attic insulation on a regular basis.  Many roofing and construction companies are certified in working on jobs just like the one you want done, and they have taken endless courses and gone to conferences about the materials about which you heard for all of five minutes or less.  This isn’t anything that you’re doing wrong—it’s their jobs—so they know all the problems that could arise and just how to fix it.  They also know which materials are better than others, and companies like Triple Peaks Roofing will only use quality materials that will last longer and be much more worthwhile for both short term and long term value.

The problems that many people face when trying to do their own attic insulation are ones that they may not realize right away.  It might be a situation where you think you know exactly what you’re doing until you actually get into the attic to complete the work and realize your specific attic doesn’t look quite like the pictures.  It could also be a situation where all the work is done and months later you notice no difference in the energy efficiency in your home, in which case you have to call out a professional to redo the entire job on which you just spent hundreds of dollars a couple months prior.

Not only does a professional save time, but a certified roofing contractor will be able to get the work done efficiently and with better quality so that you are not spending twice the money for less work.

Why You Should Get an Estimate Right Away

In the winter, roofing contractors get less work and therefore have more appointment space available.  Because of this, you will have more flexibility with your appointments, and you will also be able to start the job sooner than if you wait for their busy season.  Also, even though winter has already begun, and the cold weather is upon us, it is definitely not too late to insulate your attic to keep your home warmer during these cold months.  If time escaped you during the fall when you wanted to get it done, or if you just now decided that attic insulation is necessary for your home, its benefits are still the same in the winter as they are in the warmer seasons, and there is still a lot of winter ahead of us during which you can save money and stay warmer.  Plus, the benefits carry into the extreme heat in the summer and of course last into the winters to come as well.

Want an estimate on an attic insulation from a certified contractor?  Contact Triple Peaks Roofing today.

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