Why You Should Visit Our Booth at the Home and Garden Show

//Why You Should Visit Our Booth at the Home and Garden Show

Why You Should Visit Our Booth at the Home and Garden Show

The Home and Garden Show at the I-X Center in Cleveland is a big opportunity for a homeowner (or future homeowner) to check out the major companies that specialize in bettering your home.  The show goes from February 6-15, 2015, and this year, roofing contractors alone will take up over 40 booths, giving homeowners the chance to interview them and learn about their companies.  It is a good time for consumers to have questions ready to ask and learn about the value you’re getting for the price of each individual contractor.

Co-owner and operator of Triple Peaks Roofing, Jeff Heitzenrater, finds shows like the Home and Garden show very helpful for homeowners who are looking for roofing services.

The question is, with all the options of roofing contractors who will be at the show, why should you come visit Triple Peaks Roofing at Booth 184?

Well, Jeff sat down and answered a list of questions that might better answer why you should visit Triple Peaks Roofing’s booth at the Home and Garden Show.

Q:  What can homeowners hope to learn about Triple Peaks at the show?

A:  Homeowners will learn what our install methods are and how we as management are able to triple-down a quality job through our inspection processes and our daily inspections at the job.

Q:  Can homeowners also learn more information about roofing in general at your booth?

A:  Yes, our booth is set up to be an educational booth and will educate visitors on some of the most frequently incomplete things done on a roof that can cause damage after a contractor is gone.

Q:  How can this education help a homeowner?

A:  It helps in determining what kind of company they want at their home and who’s installing the products.  Every roofing contractor can buy the same product; it’s putting it together that separates the companies.

Q:  Who will be the ones at the show educating homeowners?

A:  Myself; my co-owner and wife, Angela; and our other sales staff.

Q:  Are there sign-ups/discounts, etc?

A:  Yes, we have a coupon that we’ll be giving out to homeowners that visit our booth at the show.

Q:  Will homeowners be able to make an appointment that day at the show?

A:  We are working on that, and as long as the Internet is set up correctly, we should be able to sign people up right then and there to get an appointment.  If not, we’ll call the homeowner within 24-48 hours to set up an appointment.

Jeff’s answers to the questions make it clear that the Home and Garden Show is a great opportunity to consult with many roofing contractors (and other types of businesses as well), and with discount coupons and a real chance at education and a company that could help increase the life of your new roof, why not visit Triple Peaks Roofing at Booth 184 at the 2015 Cleveland Great Big Home and Garden Show?

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