Why Your Home Needs A Radiant Barrier

//Why Your Home Needs A Radiant Barrier

Why Your Home Needs A Radiant Barrier

Heat is always going to travel from warm spaces to cool ones. Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home means stopping the movement of heat so that heated air stays inside during the winter and outside during the summer. A TruProtect Radiant Barrier is one of the best ways to stop this heat transfer so your home is comfortable all year long.

Radiant Barrier: What Is It?

Put simply, a radiant barrier prevents the transfer of heat from one space to another. In the typical home installation, they are usually installed in the attic and are made from a reflective material that reflects heat back to the source rather than absorbing it and transferring it to an adjacent cooler area. The TruProtect barrier provides this protection along with the additional protection of stopping heat transfer across solid surfaces (conduction), and through the air in your attic (convection).

How Does It Work?

The reflective radiant barrier is the first step in stopping heat transfer. Its job is to reduce the overall amount of heat that enters the attic in the first place, whether that is from the sun in the summer or from the inside of your home in the winter. What little heat that does enter the attic is then controlled by the “dead-air” zones that block the transfer of heat throughout the surfaces in the attic, and by bulk insulation which is much more efficient when there is such a significantly reduced amount of heat to insulate.

Why Is It important?

Heated or cooled air is expensive. Not only does the energy cost money, but maintaining HVAC appliances is expensive. TruProtect barriers can make sure that the heat stays where you want it – inside for the winter and outside for the summer. Spend less on energy and extend the life of your furnace and A/C unit by giving them less work to do.

For more information on how a TruProtect Radiant Barrier can help you keep your home more comfortable while saving on heating and cooling costs, contact Triple Peaks Roofing and Construction.

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